Medium Glossary

Clapping on Medium posts is a way to let the author know that you appreciated their story. You can clap multiple times to show how much you liked it.
Daily or weekly email you receive from Medium with your story recommendations. Digests are based on what stories, publications, and topics you follow on the platform, and what you read in the past. You can always manage your email preferences in your Settings.
Medium allows you to highlight your favorite passages in stories to let the author know that you liked this passage. Additionally, your followers will see the highlights on the post.
Email sent by a publication. Every publication can create a newsletter and send it to to subscribers.
Email subscription
Email sent by an individual writer. The email will contain a preview and link to the story on Medium if it’s been paywalled by the writer. If the entire story will show up in the email if it has not been paywalled.
Paid Medium subscriber. You can tell that someone is a subscriber if they have a yellow star on their profile picture. Becoming a member lets you read paywalled stories from your favorite writers and support their work.
Referred Member
Medium members who signed up for membership from an individual writers profile or referral page.
Private way of commenting on someone's story. Notes are between you and the author of the post.
Author who participates in the Medium Partner Program. Participation in the Program lets you earn money by publishing members-only stories.
Similarly to blogs, publications are a way of grouping stories together from multiple writers. 
Comment left underneath someone's post. 
Post published on Medium.
The Edition
Weekly digest sent to Medium members with the best members-only stories published on the platform.
Pages with stories written around a particular interest. You can follow topics if you want to receive stories about them.
Lists are an easy way to quickly organize and share stories, from personal favorites, to recommended reads within a topic or area of expertise, to themed lists around stories that inspire you.
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