If you're reading a story and find a passage that particularly resonates with you, you can highlight it. When your followers read the story, they will see your highlight, and your name will pop up above it.

Highlight a passage

Desktop iOS Android
  1. Select the passage you want to highlight.
  2. Click the highlighter icon.


  • Passages you highlight are visible to your followers and to the author of the post on the post page.
  • All your highlighted passages are publicly visible on your profile page. 

Text shots

If you connected your Twitter account with Medium, you can share your highlighted passage as an image on Twitter.

Desktop iOS
  1. Click on the highlighted passage.
  2. Click the Twitter icon from the pop-up toolbar.

Note: Text shots are not supported on Android.

Remove a highlight

To remove a highlight, click on it and click the Highlight button once again.

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