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To show your support for a Medium post and recommend it to your followers, click or tap the clap icon 👏.

Clapping for a story will notify the author that you applauded.


To see who applauded how many times for your posts:

  1. Navigate to the post page.
  2. Click the number near the clap icon. 
  3. You'll see a list of applauders, and how many claps each one gave. 

Only a post's author can see how many claps individual users gave. Readers will see only a list of who clapped.


Claps are replacing 💚 recommends on Medium. If your posts have already been recommended, one heart will convert to one clap automatically. People can also clap for old stories.

Remove claps:

To remove or undo applause:

  1. From a post page, mouse over the clap button until an X appears > click the X.
  2. From your feed or homepage, click the down arrow icon > Undo applause.
  3. In iOS, navigate to the post itself, and tap the share icon (square with arrow, bottom left) > tap Undo claps. 

How it works:

When ranking stories, our system will evaluate claps users give out on an individual basis, assessing their applause for a particular post relative to the number of claps they typically give.

You cannot clap for your own posts.

Claps on a post are limited to 50 per user. 

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