Grow your newsletter audience

To navigate to your Newsletter sign-up page: Once your Newsletter is set up, click on Newsletters from under your publication avatar while on your publication homepage. This URL is dynamic and will show sign up buttons for anyone who is not an editor of the publication.

For more on setting up your newsletter, see here, and for more tips on writing a great newsletter, see here.

Tips for promoting your newsletter sign-up page

  • Include a line in your newsletter encouraging your readers to forward the email to friends who share similar interests.
  • Include your newsletter sign up page in your publication homepage navigation, so that your readers can easily find it. 
  • Share widely with your circle of friends, family, and colleagues. 
  • Make your newsletter sign-up page easy to find on your social media accounts. Include it in your bio, a pinned tweet, and link to it directly from your posts. 

Please note:

  • Readers can subscribe to your Newsletter separately from Following your publication. Readers can subscribe to your Newsletter on the landing page.
  • As all Newsletter subscribers have Medium accounts, we adhere to our Privacy Policy and do not share user data. This means that publication editors do not have access to individual user email addresses from their subscriber list. However, if a subscriber replies via email to a Newsletter email, the publication editor will be able to see the subscriber’s email.
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