About Medium's distribution system

When publishing a story on Medium, you can choose to make it eligible for curator review and distribution behind Medium's paywall.

  • To make your story eligible for curation, select the option to allow curators to review your story in the Publish menu. Before publishing, be sure to review and follow the Curation Standards. If your story is curated, it will be eligible to be recommended to readers on Medium surfaces — on the homepage, on topic pages, in our app, in our Daily Digest newsletter, and in other emails..
    When that happens, the story will also become part of Medium’s metered paywall. Additionally, you will be able to share a Friend Link with an unlimited number of friends or followers to let them bypass the paywall and read your content for free.
  • If you opt-out of distribution on Medium, your story will not be eligible for curator review. This means it will not be recommended to readers on Medium outside of your existing followers. It will also not become part of our paywall, which means all visitors will be able to read it without any restrictions.

Regardless of the distribution setting, all stories you publish on Medium are displayed on your profile page, distributed to your existing followers, and discoverable by search engines and Medium's on-site search. Additionally, if you join the Medium Partner Program, you can earn money from your stories behind the paywall based on engagement from Medium members.

Curation at Medium

Stories published on Medium are reviewed by the curation team — real live humans — who evaluate stories in accordance with our best practices and standards. Curators come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide array of interests and expertise, from writing to teaching to industry.

Curators are looking for thoughtful, clearly written pieces that tell a compelling story, convey an interesting idea, or share a smart point of view. Curators will not distribute misinformation, stories with clickbait headlines, stories that are primarily marketing a product or service, or stories with excessive typos and errors.

Please review our Curation Standards for more information.

Making a story eligible for distribution

You can learn how to make your new or already published story as eligible for curator review and distribution in this article

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