Your Partner Program dashboard

If you have stories for members, you can check your payment estimates at any time in your Partner Program dashboard.

Viewing your dashboard

  1. On your homepage, click on   your profile picture in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Click Medium Partner Program from the menu.

Note: The Partner Program dashboard can't be accessed on mobile apps.

Your dashboard


Your Partner Program dashboard shows you payment estimates for your eligible stories for the current period (one month, indicated at the top of the table). If you have less than 100 paywalled stories, all your stories will be listed in the dashboard. If you have more than 100 paywalled stories, your dashboard will only show those stories that earned more than $0.00 in the current period.

You can click on the current payout period to access the list of all the other periods, as well as information on how much you earned for each story in that period.

For each story, you can see how much it earned in this particular period. Clicking "See more" lets you see lifetime payments for this story, as well as more information.

At the to bottom of your dashboard you can find your total earnings for that period, as well as the payout date and other information.


You can learn more about payments in Calculating earnings in the Partner Program.


What is the minimum payout amount?

For most Stripe users, there is no minimum payout amount. However, there are some exceptions:

  • EUR bank accounts have a minimum payout of 1.00 EUR
  • GBP bank accounts have a minimum payout of 1.00 GBP
  • CHF bank accounts have a minimum payout of 25.00 CHF
  • NOK, DKK, and SEK bank accounts have a minimum payout of 20.00kr
  • MXN bank accounts have a minimum payout of 10.00 MXN
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