Setting up payments with Stripe

To enroll in the Medium Partner Program and receive payments from Medium, you will need a Stripe account.

Setting up payments with Stripe

  1. Go here and agree to Stripe's Terms of Service.
  2. Choose your account type:
    - A Stripe Express account. This type of account is quicker to set up, but you will need a US-based phone number, as well as a US-based bank account or debit card
    - A Stripe Standard account or A business. This type of account will be the best choice if you reside outside the US or if you would like to also use Stripe for services other than Medium.
    (Please note: Stripe requires either SMS or the Google Authenticator app for Two Factor Authorization, both of which usually require a mobile device)
  3. Fill out the fields to activate your Stripe account. You MUST use your legal name to create your Stripe account. It is fine to use a pen name on Medium, but Stripe can't verify and pay you unless you use your legal name.

Choosing the right Stripe account for you

Once you agree to the Stripe Terms of Service, you will be prompted to choose your account type:

A Stripe Express account

  • Only available for US residents with US-based phone numbers.
  • Can be used to transfer payments to bank accounts and debit cards. Please check with your bank if your card supports payouts. 
  • Requires either SMS or the Google Authenticator app for Two Factor Authorization.
  • Cannot be connected to other services. This means it can only be used when receiving payments from Medium.

A Stripe Standard account or A business

  • At this moment, available for the 23 countries available in the drop-down list (which includes the US).
  • Requires either SMS or the Google Authenticator app for Two Factor Authorization.
  • Can only be used to transfer payments to bank accounts. Debit cards are not supported.
  • Accessed directly with a password.
  • A single account of this type can be used for multiple services, and not just Medium. The account can be managed through the Stripe Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

My country is not supported by Stripe. What can I do?

The list of countries supported by Stripe is constantly growing. Enter your email address in the field next to the country list to be notified about Stripe's launch in your country.

I am an individual, and the sign-up form asks me to fill in details of my business. What should I put in there?

Note that some of the fields in the form (marked with •) are optional. If you believe they do not apply to you, leave them blank.

I already have a Stripe account. Can I use it to receive payments from Medium?

Yes! To sign into your existing Stripe account, choose An individual outside the US as your account type. If you are not redirected to the login screen, click Sign-in in the upper-right corner of the sign-up form.

I want to log into Stripe Dashboard, but I do not know my password. How can I reset it?

If you created your account through the individual outside the US option, you can enter your email here to reset your password. Once you reset your password, you will be able to manage your account in the Stripe Dashboard.

If you created your account through the individual in the United States option, you do not have a password. Instead, Stripe will generate an SMS text message and send you a log-in code to access your Medium-only dashboard.

How do I update the phone number used to send access codes to my Stripe account?

To make that change, you will need to contact Stripe and provide them with the old phone number and the new phone number.

How can I update the email address associated with my Stripe account?

Medium cannot modify the details of your Stripe account. To change your email address, contact Stripe Support.

How can I change the bank account or the debit card used for my payments?

If your account was created as individual outside the US, you should be able to change those details by logging into Stripe Dashboard.

For accounts created as individual in the United States, issues with the destination banking accounts need to be resolved with Stripe Support.

How do I delete the bank information I gave you when joining the Partnership Program?

All such deletion requests are initiated and completed directly with Stripe.

Stripe is asking me to verify my identity, but the verification fails each time I upload the scans. What should I do?

When signing up to Stripe, you might have entered your company name as your individual name. This leads to a mismatch in automatic verification.

Contact Stripe to let them know about this issue and they should be able to resolve it manually.

Can I earn money on a visa?
We are unable to give you advice regarding earning while on a visa, and urge you to contact an expert in this field. We are unable to accept any returned earnings if it does violate your visa.
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