Trouble controlling post previews on feeds

Post listings of stories and articles in feeds are determined based on placement of images and text in your story and are created automatically. We cannot guarantee that previews will always appear the same across desktop, mobile web and in our apps. (Each platform renders post listings differently.)

Here are the best practices for post listings to reliably include both an image (wide horizontal rectangle format) and story title, and at least partial subtitle:

  1. Upload an image as the first item in your story, following our preferred image sizes.
  2. Click on that image (on desktop) to select it. Press Shift + F on your keyboard to set it as featured image.
  3. Press Alt / Opt and click to set a focal point in the image, which will guide any automatic cropping that may occur.
  4. Begin your story's title and subtitle.
  5. Review any custom preferences for your story's featured image, title, and subtitle in the review step before publishing.
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