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To begin a new post, click Write a story from the menu at top, or go to 

You will need to be using one of our supported browsers to write.


Enter a title, and subtitle (optional). If you don't enter a title, the first few words of your post will be used instead. 


To add some basic formatting to your story, highlight a word or phrase. This will bring up a text toolbar with available options:

You can also add a code block by typing ``` (three backticks) on a new line, or create an inline bit of code by typing a single backtick at the beginning and end of the code. (Or select the text, and type a single backtick).


To add an image, go to a new line. 

  1. A "+" sign will appear to the left. 
  2. Click on the "camera" icon:

You can also drag and drop single or multiple images into Medium posts or copy/paste single images into a post. 

Depending on the size of your image, you'll be able to test out different placement options from the toolbar. 


To embed a URL into a Medium post, go to a new line > paste the URL > press Enter. If a rich version of the embed is supported, it will be rendered automatically, or else it will become a simple embedded link in a box. 


When you're finished with your post, click Publish > add tags (optional) > click Publish again. 


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