Add draft or post to publication

If you're contributing to a publication, you can submit your stories to the publication. Your story can be published only in one publication at a time.

Add a story to a publication

Desktop iOS

  1. Open the draft or story you want to submit and enter the edit mode.
  2. Click the ... button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click Add to publication.
  4. Choose the publication you want to submit to and confirm.

Note: If you're an owner or editor of that publication, your post will be published immediately. If you're a writer, the editors of that publication will have a chance to review it and schedule for publishing.

Note: Adding stories to publications is not currently supported on Android.

What happens when a post is added to a publication?

  • You will be credited as the author of the post and retain all rights to your content.
  • You will be listed as a writer for that publication.
  • Your post will use the publication’s URL, but will still be available on your profile.
  • Your post will be distributed in the feeds and digests of your followers, plus the followers of the publication.
  • You and your editors will be able to edit, save changes, and view notes on your post. You will not receive notification of published changes.
  • Your original pre-publication URL will still point to your post.
  • You can remove your post at any time.
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