Add draft or post to publication

If you're contributing to a publication, you can submit your stories to the publication. Your story can be published only in one publication at a time.

Add a story to a publication

Desktop iOS

  1. Open the draft or story you want to submit and enter the edit mode.
  2. Click the  button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click Add to publication.
  4. Choose the publication you want to submit to and confirm.

Note: If you're an owner or editor of that publication, your post will be published immediately. If you're a writer, the editors of that publication will have a chance to review it and schedule for publishing.

Note: Adding stories to publications is not currently supported on Android.

Common questions

What happens when a post is added to a publication?
  • Your post will use the publication’s URL, but will still be available on your profile.
  • You will be credited as the author of the post and retain all rights to your content.
  • You will be listed as a writer for that publication.
  • Your post will be distributed in the feeds and digests of your followers, plus the followers of the publication.
  • You and your editors will be able to edit, save changes, and view notes on your post. You will not receive notification of published changes.
  • Your original pre-publication URL will still point to your post.
  • You can remove your post at any time.
Why isn't the publication I want to submit to on the list?

You need to be a publication writer or editor in order to be able to submit stories to that publication. You will only see the publications you can submit stories to. If you want to join a publication, you would need to reach out to the publication editors. You can check the publications you are part of on your Publications page.

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