Reasons for Suspensions or Restrictions

All accounts and users of Medium Services agree to our Terms of Service, and all other Medium rules and policies.

Suspended accounts or content will be notified with an in-product alert on the account or content, visible to the account owner. 

If your account is showing this banner, please first review our terms, rules, and policies, and bring your account into compliance before appealing. 

To appeal an account suspension, please fill out this form

How we assess Medium content:
All accounts and content on Medium are assessed in terms of these terms and policies using both automated detection and human review. Violations of our rules may result in consequences such as suspension of accounts, suspension of provided content, restriction of ability to monetize in our Partner Program, restriction of content or account visibility, or restriction of distribution. Medium has the sole authority and final decision as to whether content or behavior violates our rules.

We use human review for all account appeals submitted via our available forms.


Less common reasons:

Content deemed illegal by the Digital Services Act (DSA)

We may suspended accounts or content that has been deemed illegal by the DSA in the European Union. You will be specifically notified if this applies to you. To appeal DSA restrictions, including out-of-court mediation, please fill out this form. Please include specific information regarding your DSA appeal grounds. 









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