Protect your Medium account

There are several things you can do if you suspect your Medium account has been compromised, or are concerned with the security of your account. 

Remotely sign out of sessions and devices

You can sign out of all sessions and devices where you are logged in to your Medium account. 

DesktopiOS & Android
  1. On your homepage, click on   your profile picture.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. In the Security section, click Sign out other sessions.

Update the security of connected sign-in methods

There are several ways you can sign in to Medium:

  • Email address and sign-in link
  • Connected social accounts such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Google authentication
  • Apple authentication

If you are concerned that those sign-in methods have been compromised, we suggest you:

  1. Audit the security of those connected accounts, such as updating passwords, or checking sessions and log-ins on those accounts
  2. Disconnect any connected social accounts from your Settings page while you perform those audits
  3. Disable any email forwarding you might have on your email account

Protect the security of your connected Stripe account

If you have enrolled into the Medium Partner Program to earn money on Medium, you have connected a Stripe account to receive money. 

You can update the security of that account by:

  1. Go to your Partner Dashboard to click “View Stripe dashboard”
  2. Navigate to your Stripe account dashboard
  3. Click your avatar in the top right corner to to access your “Profile”
  4. Update passwords and two-factor authentication

For more information on Stripe security, please contact Stripe directly at

Ensure that you haven’t accidentally create more than one Medium account

Many people accidentally create multiple Medium accounts, read this article to determine whether you might have done so and how to remedy this.

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