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Navigating the Medium Homepage

Tips and tricks for your new homepage

In May, we released a new Medium homepage, aiming to provide a more beautiful, completable, and informative reading experience. While we worked to improve this new homepage and listened to feedback, we offered readers the opportunity to revert to their old Medium feed.

Starting today, we are no longer supporting the feed and are moving all readers into our new reading experience. A dedicated team here at Medium has spent the last few months improving and building on the new homepage we released in May. And we’ve seen through data and reader feedback that people are discovering more stories that interest them with this new, customizable experience.

Here are some tips for making the most of your new homepage and app homescreen.

Follow topics you love

To make the most of your new homepage, follow the topics you care about through this directory. 

When you visit Medium, you’ll now see sections focusing on the topics you follow. These sections feature some of the most insightful, in-depth recent Medium stories, handpicked by our editors. Based on the popularity of the topic, you’ll see new stories on your homepage daily, several times a week, or weekly.

New from your network

This section will always be available on your homepage, featuring the latest stories from the writers and publications you follow. If you want to make sure you don’t miss stories from your favorites, you can hit “More” in the top right corner of this section. You can also visit directly if you want easier access.

You Might Like

This section features an algorithmically selected set of stories that you might like. It will often features stories that are applauded by people you follow, about topics you follow, or similar to stories you clapped for. You can always hit “More” in this section, as well, or go directly to this stream.

Today’s Top Stories and Handpicked by Medium Staff

These sections feature some of the best recent stories on Medium. “Top Stories” showcases the most popular stories today, whereas “Handpicked by Medium Staff” is a curated selection by our editors.

Your Reading List

When you bookmark stories, we’ll feature them on your homepage as well, so you don’t forget to read them later.

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