Feature pages

 Who can use this feature?

This feature is only available to editors of a Medium publication.

If your publication is using the beta design tools, see this article instead.

In addition to a publication's homepage, you can set up additional feature pages which can act as a landing page or a specialized collection of your publication's contents.

To access feature pages, go to your publication homepage, click the publication icon, and then Feature pages. To create a new page, click on New feature page.

  • Under Header logo, you can add an optional image which will be shown in place of the page title for that page only.
  • Under Layout, choose whether you want to display stories on a specific topic or featured stories (custom stories you hand-pick from your publication's recent story list).
    • If you choose Stories in a topic, any stories with that topic will be automatically included.
    • If you choose Featured stories, you'll need to add stories manually to populate the section. To do that, click Choose a story… in the section template and pick a story from the drop-down list. You can also start typing in a story's section title to narrow down the selection.

      NOTE: You can only feature one story on each Feature page.

You can also add a tab in the publication's navigation bar that will link to your featured page. To do that, go to your publication homepage, click the publication icon, and then on Navigation.

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