Trouble with publishing or editing a story

Having problems with publishing or editing your story on Medium? We've gathered these helpful guides that will help you learn manage your content on Medium.

Publishing a story

Publishing a story starts with creating a draft. You can create a new draft with just a few clicks.

  1. On your homepage, click the   Write button.

Note: You will need to be using a supported browser to be able to write.

Once you have your draft created, you can start writing. Have a look at the articles below to learn how to use the Medium editor:

Editing a story

You can edit your draft or published post at any time. If you're editing a draft, changes made on your post will be automatically saved. Once you save your changes on your published story, they will become immediately visible to your readers.

  1. On your homepage, click the   Stories button.
  2. In the Drafts tab, click on the draft you want to continue working on.
    In the Published tab, click the  down arrow button near the published story you want to edit and click Edit story from the menu.

You can also edit a published story by going directly to the story you want to edit, clicking the  three-dot button in the top-right corner of the story and choosing Edit story from the menu.

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