Will a portion of my earnings be withheld for US taxes?

If you submitted a W9 when joining the Partner Program, you will not have earnings withheld for US taxes. The amount of money you see in your dashboard and then receive is the amount you have earned. No money will be withheld by us, and no money will be withheld by the US government. If you earn over $10 during the year, you will receive a 1099-Misc from us which you can use to file taxes. Any taxes due to the US will be paid at that time.

If you submitted a W-8, we will withhold royalty taxes and send it to the US government on your behalf depending on your completed tax form.  For non-US writers (non-resident aliens that are not US taxpayers), the withholding rate is determined based on the country you filed in your W-8 tax form and any tax treaty benefits you have claimed. When filling out your taxpayer information, please include your valid taxpayer identification number (TIN) and, if you reside in one of the countries listed here, select your country of residence under the section “Claim of Treaty Benefits (Part II)”. If you earn over $0.50 during the year, you will receive a 1042-S from us which will summarize what was paid and any taxes withheld.  You can use this form to file taxes in your country as well. In most cases, you will not need to do anything further for US taxes.

We are not tax professionals and not able to advise you on how/when to file your taxes. Because everyone's situation is unique, you may want to contact your local tax professional for more information or assistance on reporting and filing for your country.

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