Trouble receiving emails from Medium

If you're having problems with receiving emails from Medium, including sign in links or email digests, this article is for you! We've gathered some tips to help you troubleshoot this problem.

Step 1: Make sure your email address is correct

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  1. On your homepage, click on   your profile picture and click Settings.
  2. Under Your email, double check if your email address is correct. If you need to update it, click Edit email and confirm the change by clicking Save.

Step 2: Check your spam, trash folders, and other email filters

Search your "All Mail" and "Spam" inbox for emails from Medium. If you set up any custom email filters, double check them to see if they send Medium emails into some other folder.

Step 3: Allow receiving emails from Medium

  1. On your computer, go to Google Contacts.
  2. In the bottom right, click Create contact.
  3. Enter the email address
  4. Click Save.

If you have an email from Medium in your inbox, you can also hover over the senders name and click Add to contacts from there.

If you're still not receiving emails from Medium, you might also ask your IT team, email administrator, or ISP if your email server is blocking emails from Medium. Emails from Medium come from, so that email address might need to be whitelisted on the email server level.

Request a mobile link (workaround)

  1. On the Medium homepage, click Sign in in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose Sign in with email.
  3. Resize your browser window to the smallest size possible. You can do this by dragging the bottom right corner of your browser window to the left.
  4. Request a new sign-in link. This time, you will be sent a code instead of the magic link.
  5. Keeping the browser window resized, enter the sign in code. You can change the browser window size back to normal once you sign in.

Get help

If you still have problems with receiving emails, please contact Medium Support for further assistance.

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