iTunes membership subscription not associated with Medium account

If you purchased a membership subscription using the Medium iOS app and iTunes and you're still unable to read members-only stories and access members-only features, follow the steps below in order to properly connect your subscription to your Medium account.

Restoring iTunes subscription

To restore your membership subscription purchased through iTunes:

  1. In the Medium iOS app, go to the You tab (👤).
  2. Tap Restore purchase.

Once you tap the button, the subscription should properly connect to your Medium account, and you should receive an email from membership welcome email from Medium.

Error restoring purchase

If tapping the Restore purchase button results in the Error restoring purchase message, it means that the Medium membership purchased through iTunes was purchased using another Medium account.

To resolve this problem, you would need to sign out of the account you're currently signed in to, and sign in to the account from which you made the purchase. If you still have problems with your subscription, tapping Restore purchase from that account should properly connect your subscription with your Medium account.

If you still have problems with this, please contact us.

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