Trouble with membership subscription access

If you have purchased a membership subscription on Medium, and you’re unable to access members-only stories and features on all or some of your devices, this guide will help you troubleshoot this issue.

Common issues

I purchased a subscription but I don’t have member access

If you have purchased a membership subscription and you don’t have member access on some of all of your other devices, this means that you might not be signed in to the account that purchased the membership subscription.

In order to resolve this problem, go to your Settings on both of your devices and check which of the accounts has a membership subscription and what email addresses are associated with your Medium accounts. Then, sign out of your Medium account from the device where you don’t have membership access, and sign in to the member account using the email associated with your membership subscription.

Here's what you need to do to sign in to your member account:

  1. Sign out of the account you are currently using. To learn how to sign out on your platform, see this Help Center article.
  2. Request a sign-in link to the email address associated with your membership account. Specific instructions can be found here.
  3. Go to your inbox, open the email and click “Sign in to Medium”.

If you would like to remove your duplicate account, please take a look at this article to learn more.

My membership subscription purchased through iTunes is not recognized

To restore your membership subscription purchased through iTunes:

  • In the Medium iOS app, go to the You tab (👤).
  • Tap Restore purchase.

Once you tap the button, the subscription should properly connect to your Medium account, and you should receive an email from membership welcome email from Medium.

Error restoring purchase

If tapping the Restore purchase button results in the Error restoring purchase message, it means that the Medium membership purchased through iTunes was purchased using another Medium account.

To resolve this problem, you would need to sign out of the account you're currently signed in to, and sign in to the account from which you made the purchase. If you still have problems with your subscription, tapping Restore purchase from that account should properly connect your subscription with your Medium account.

My membership subscription purchased through Google Play Store is not recognized

If you’re not able to access your membership immediately after purchase, try restarting the Medium app. This should force it to refresh its data and correctly recognize your membership subscription.

If you have any problems with resolving any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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