Best practices for journalism on Medium

Medium is a destination for interesting, high-quality writing, and civil, thoughtful dialogue. We encourage and expect accurate and ethical reporting on Medium, whether from professional journalists or from independent, amateur, or ‘citizen’ journalists. 
Recognizing that journalists on Medium bring with them different levels of experience, training, editorial guidance, and institutional support, the following best practices are offered to help shape factual reporting on the platform. 
As a complement to our regular Rules, these recommendations are distilled and adapted from principles found in industry-standard ethics codes for journalists, such as those linked at the bottom of this document.

Note: Articles published on Medium that demonstrate commitment to and compliance with these principles are more likely to be curated, promoted and shared.

Quality journalism

  • Differentiates facts from conjecture and opinion, and does not distort facts or make unsubstantiated claims.
  • Applies a high standard of accuracy to all information, including fact-checking, citation of references, and active correction of errors by the author.
  • Cites and identifies the names of people who act as sources, unless there is an elevated risk of harm to persons. In such cases, offers explanations for anonymous sources.
  • Minimizes potential harm to any persons who by publication of the information may be put at elevated risk of targeting, threats, and other risks to personal safety.
  • Avoids discriminatory, hateful, harassing, intimidating, or needlessly derogatory content or conduct.
  • Respects and protects the privacy and family life of non-public figures and children.
  • Allows reasonable opportunity for affected persons to respond, criticize, object, and refute claims of wrongdoing.
  • Is not sponsored content. Is not written with the primary purpose of selling a product or a service, including a newsletter.
  • Discloses any gifts, fees, or potential conflicts of interest on the part of the author.
  • Defers to rule of law, including applicable rights to privacy and data protection.
  • Is the writer’s original work 
  • Is not published anonymously

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