Cryptocurrencies on Medium

Coins, tokens, ICOs and other payments related to blockchain technology have seen a growth in popularity over the last several months. There has been a subsequent proliferation of information on Medium around these topics.

For consumers

Medium does not approve or verify user-generated posts or accounts before publishing. As with any financial transaction, we urge you to protect yourself and your money with at least the following steps:

  • Thoroughly research the information, company, and seller using third party sources before engaging in any transaction.
  • Verify you are dealing with the company itself (not an impostor).
  • Navigate DIRECTLY to trusted sites before initiating any payment.
  • If you have any doubts whatsoever, do not engage in transactions.

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For companies announcing ICOs, coins or tokens

Posts and accounts that focus on cryptocurrencies which do not meet the following requirements may be considered spam and are subject to suspension, depending on context (See also: Medium Rules). Medium does not endorse or verify any coin, token, or similar announcement.

To prevent fraud and abuse, you must:

  • Include a link to your active project domain in your user account bio.
  • Use an email address from that domain as your verified Medium account email, and maintain that email account actively.
  • Include a prominent about page with up-to-date contact information on your project website.

You may not:

  • Use an anonymous email address which is not linked to your project domain. (e.g., gmail, protonmail, yandex,, etc.)
  • Advertise or participate in bounty campaigns, pump and dumps, reviewing for reward, or other forms of brigading or inauthentic activity.
  • Advertise or promote airdrops or related activities unless you are an authorized representative of the project. You must have an email address on the domain of that project.
  • Include shortened URLs in your posts.
  • Facilitate gambling or betting.
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