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Medium’s Boost Nomination Pilot is our experimental program to work in collaboration with independent publication editors on Medium to nominate high-quality stories for Boost. The program’s goal is to incentivize independent publication editors to help us find the new, niche, and unknown stories on Medium.

Editors in the Boost Nomination Pilot can nominate stories in their topical focus, regardless of whether the stories are in their publications. These nominations are reviewed by Medium’s internal curation team to see if they line up with Medium’s Quality Guidelines. If a nominated story is selected for Boost by our curators, it gets higher priority to be distributed in readers’ feeds.

Nominations from Boost Nomination Pilot participants account for only about half of the stories selected for Boost, with the other half sourced directly by our internal curation team.

The list of publications below is not exhaustive -- it only shows the publications that have agreed to be public about their involvement in the Boost Nomination Pilot program. We update this list monthly.

Publication name Topics Nominator Submission guidelines
A-Culturated Culture, Society, Travel, Self, Relationships Maria Garcia Submit
AI Advances Artificial Intelligence Shunyu (Andy) Tang Submit
Ai-Ai-OH Artificial intelligence, technology Jeff Hayward Submit
All 4 Inclusion Disability, neurodiversity and mental health Scott Whitney Submit
Analyst’s corner Business analysis, enterprise architecture, agile Igor Arkhipov Submit
Asian American Book Club Asian American Women’s Literature, Books, Reading, Book Recommendations, Publishing, Writing, Asia, Translations, Reading marie myung-ok lee Submit
Authority Magazine Interviews Yitzi Weiner Submit
The Backyard Church Spirituality, Christianity, Religion, Faith & Culture Dan Foster Submit
The Belladonna Humor and satire Kristen Mulrooney Submit
Better Marketing Marketing, SEO, sales Zulie Rane & Sinem Günel Submit
Beyond the Scoreboard Sports memoir, and other unique sports features, essays, or satire Mike Butler Submit
Bitchy Feminism, women, equality, identity, and culture June Kirri Submit
Black Bear Addiction, Sobriety, Mental Health, Depression, Alcoholism Michele Maize Submit
The Book Cafe Book reviews with a personal approach as opposed to critique Linda Caroll Submit
Books are our superpower Books, reading, authors Anangsha Alammyan Submit
Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Blogs Humor, politics, relationships, mental health, LGBTQ Jason Provencio Submit
CanadEH Canadian politics, news, travel, culture Jeff Hayward Submit
Cantor’s Paradise Math and Science Cole Submit
Career Paths Career, business, leadership James Bellerjeau Submit
Code Like A Girl Diversity in Tech, Software Development, Technology, Future of Work, Leadership Dinah Davis (She/Her) Submit
Contemplate Essays, poetry, short story with meaning, non-fiction Susan Brearley Submit
Coping with Capitalism Capitalism, Self and Collective Coping Paths, Social Justice, Economics, Personal Anecdotes, Uplifting Marginalized Voices Shawn Jr Submit
Corporate Underbelly First person stories of corporate misconduct Sean Kernan Submit
Counter Arts Art, Culture, Equality, Literature, Film, Music, Photography Sadie Seroxcat Submit
Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age Aging well, retirement, health and wellness, life lessons Nancy Peckenham Submit
Dancing Elephants Press Emotional and mental support, spirituality Dr. Gabriella Korosi Submit
Data Driven Investor Investments, finance Justin Chan, Ph.D. Submit
Deconstructing Christianity Religion, atheism, skepticism Lilith Helstrom Submit
deterritorialization Critical theory, philosophy, society, culture, politics Buen Ravov Submit
The Digital Traveler Geography, Travel, Language, Culture The Sturg Submit
E³ — Entertain Enlighten Empower General interest Malky McEwan Submit
EduCreate Education, Creator Economy, Soft Skills, Leadership, Technology Lance Cummings PhD Submit
Ellemeno Memoir, Travel, Faith, Philosophy, Life Lessons David Todd McCarty Submit
Entrepreneur’s Handbook Entrepreneurship, Founder Stories, Business, Startups Stephen Moore & Dave Schools Submit
Entropy Dark Literature in Lovecraft Tradition Susan Brearley Submit
The Environment Environmental Issues, Climate Change, Sustainability S M Mamunur Rahman Submit
Fanfare Pop culture, film, TV, gaming, books, music Eric Pierce Submit
Fashion Police Fashion Andrew Lalchan Submit
FAUN Technology, Software Engineering, DevOps, AI Aymen El Amri Submit
Fourth Wave Focus on women and other challenged groups with an eye towards reducing prejudice in all its iterations and increasing equality for all Patsy Fergusson Submit
Frame Rated Film and television review and features Dan Owen Submit
Frazzled Parenting Humor Andrew Knott Submit
Full Frame The art of photography Rodrigo S-C Submit
Garden of Neuro Women’s Literature, Women-Focused Stories and Issues, Historical Fiction, Memoir, Essay Collections, Neurodiversity, Humor, Poetry, Women’s History/Herstory, Women’s Leadership Susan Brearley Submit
Gardening, Birding, and Outdoor Adventure   Dan Pfeifer Submit
The Generator Generative AI Thomas Smith
The Gray Area Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity Graham Zemel Submit
Grief Book Club Grief, Loss, Death, Dying, Mourning Jacqueline Dooley Submit
Globetrotters & In Living Color Travel, photography, culture, life JoAnn Ryan Submit here for Globetrotters and here for In Living Color
History of Women Women’s History Linda Caroll Submit
The Honest Perspective Self-reflection and personal development, relationships ADEOLA SHEEHY-ADEKALE Submit
The Howling Owl and Scrittura Poetry, Fiction, Prose, Essays, Prompts Marilyn J Wolf Submit
The Hub Publication General interest Misbah Sheikhh Submit
Human Parts Personal narratives Jay Ludlow Martin Submit
I Taught the Law Current Legal Topics JoAnne Sweeny Submit
Iberospherical Spain, Portugal, Latin America — culture, history, language, travel Matthew Clapham Submit
ILLUMINATION Curated General interest (except erotica, Medium meta, or get rich quick) Dr Mehmet Yildiz Submit
ILLUMINATION Gaming Gaming, Games, Virtual Reality, Gaming Technologies, Personal Gaming Stories Aiden (Illumination Gaming) Submit
Imogene’s Notebook Poetry, micro fiction, and fiction Debra G. Harman, MEd. Submit
Invisible Illness Mental health Ryan Fan Submit
In Fitness And In Health (IFAIF) Fitness Neeramitra Reddy Submit
The Interstitial The Human Condition Linda Caroll Submit
ITNEXT Software Engineering, IT development, Fullstack, Cloud engineering Kiarash Irandoust Submit
Jane Austen’s Wastebasket Humor, satire, comics Kyrie Gray Submit
Japonica Japanese culture, language, travel, current events, all the wonderful things about life in Japan as well as the many challenges Alvin T. Submit
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself Self-awareness, life lessons, spirituality Diana C. Submit
The Kraken Lore Fiction, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Dystopian Jonathon Sawyer Submit
Language Lab Language Learning Gianina Buda, PhD Submit
Live View Photography Derrick Story Submit
Long COVID Connection Long COVID and related post-infection chronic illness Tara Haelle Submit
The Mad River Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Magical Realism, Fairy Tales, and Experimental Work Peculiar Julia Submit
Management Matters Management, Leadership, Work Chris Sowers Submit Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Art, Data Science, AI art Dariusz Gross #DATAsculptor Submit
The Memoirist Memoir, creative nonfiction, personal essay Christopher Robin Submit
Microbial Instincts Science, Vaccines, Coronavirus, Health, Infectious Disease Shin Jie Yong, MSc (Res) Submit
Middle-Pause Menopause, women, aging, mental health anonymous Submit
Minds Without Borders Culture, society, politics, media, economics Michelle Teheux Submit
Modern Women Women, their experiences, careers, and personal growth ADEOLA SHEEHY-ADEKALE Submit
The Mom Experience Parenting, Motherhood, Family GB Rogut Submit
MuddyUm Humor, satire Susan Brearley Submit
Mystic Minds Spirituality, Life, Self-improvement, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth Kimberly Fosu Submit
The Narrative Arc and In For a Penny Memoir & personal essays Debra G. Harman, MEd. Submit
The New Climate Climate change, the environment, biodiversity, renewable energy, net zero, regeneration, rewilding and climate action Tim Smedley Submit
The New Outdoors Outdoors, nature, health, wellness, mindfulness Ray Wirth Submit
Nursing Notes Nursing, health, health education, caregiving Barb Dalton Submit
On Reflection Personal reflections Linda Caroll Submit
Original Philosophy Philosophy, politics, culture, history, society, mindfulness Douglas Giles, PhD Submit
The Panopticon Politics, geopolitics, foreign policy, mental health, mental health, education, military and war, philosophy, and spirituality/theology. All topics are covered from differing perspectives in a nuanced voice with opposing arguments. Benjamin Sledge Submit
Philosophy Today Philosophy, logic, religion, spirituality, culture Romaric Jannel Submit
Pink Hair & Pronouns Parenting gender nonconforming kids, growing up gender non-conforming All My Little Words Submit
The Point Of View Politics, Technology, Gender, Social Media, Society, Culture June Kiri Submit
The Political Prism Politics, law, and policy Johnny P Submit
Pragmatic Wisdom Simple, useful, and effective guidance James Bellerjeau Submit
The Pragmatic Programmers Programming, Data Science, Tech Stories Margaret Eldridge
Prism & Pen LGBTQ (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) James Finn & Sieran Lane Submit
Publishous Lifestyle and better living Nicole Akers Submit
Pythoneers Python Programming, Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, Deep Learning, GUI Development, Ethical Hacking, Python Testing Abhay Parashar Submit
Radio Hackers Cybersecurity, Hacking, Signals Intelligence & Software Defined Radio Investigator515 Submit
Re-Thinker Culture, Insights, business, philosophy, inspiration David W Litwin Submit
Read Or Die Community building Adrian CDTPPW Submit
The Riff Music Kevin Alexander & Noah Levy Submit
Rome Politics David Todd McCarty Submit
Runners Life Running Jeff Barton Submit
Said Differently Unorthodox thinking James Bellerjeau Submit
Scribe Poetry, Essay, Humor, Fiction Thomas Gaudex Submit
Sharing Food Food, Culture, and International Cuisine Jillian Amatt — Artistic Voyages Submit
The Signifier Art, Design, and Media Remy Dean Submit
Simply Wild Wildlife, wilderness, and nature Warren Thurlow Submit
Slackjaw Humor Alex Baia Submit
Speaking Bipolar Bipolar disorder, mental health, mental illness, poetry Scott Ninneman
Sybarite Pleasure — including travel, cities, food, fashion, beauty Adeline Dimond Submit
Symbiotica Nature connection, planetary health, mental health and nature, nature prescriptions, circular economy, biodiversity Kelly Baldwin Heid Submit
The Taoist Online Religion, philosophy, spiritually, mindfulness, environment, veganism and other lifestyles Patrick Stewart Submit
A Teacher’s Life Teaching, Education, This happened to me, Life Lessons GB Rogut Submit
Teatime History History and archaeology Prateek Dasgupta Submit
Thirty Over Fifty Supportive and uplifting topics by writers aged fifty and over, including Life Lessons, Travel, and Relationships Grace Mary Power Submit
Thought Thinkers General interest Ben Ulansey Submit
Three Imaginary Girls Music, music memoir, pop culture Imaginary Liz Submit
Towards AI Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science Towards AI Editorial Team Submit
Towards Data Science Data science, machine learning, AI Ben Huberman Submit
The Unexpected Autistic Life Autism, Disability, Equality, Mental Health, Relationships GB Rogut Submit
UX Collective Design, Technology, UX, Artificial Intelligence Fabricio Teixeira Submit
The Virago Feminism, Culture, Relationships, Abuse, Mental Health Suzanna Quintana Submit
The Wind Phone Grief, death, dying, the afterlife Christine Schoenwald Submit
Wise & Well Health and wellness Robert Roy Britt Submit
Women in Technology Technology, Women in Tech, Career in Technology, Career advice Mariana Carvalho Submit
Write & Review Reviewing books, often independently published Alison Acheson Submit
Write Under The Moon Poetry, Fiction, Non Fiction Claire Kelly Submit
The Writing Cooperative Writing Justin Cox Submit

How do publications join the Boost Nomination Pilot program?

Any Medium member can start a publication, and then any publication can apply to join the Boost Nomination Pilot. Learn more here.

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