Trouble with saving stories in the Medium editor

This error occurs when our auto-save feature fails, and we apologize if you are reading this message. You will typically see this error in the following instances:

  • You have a browser extension that is interfering with the HTML code that generates the Medium editor, specifically the DOM.
  • You are using an unsupported browser, but have modified it in a way to allow you access to the Medium editor.
  • We are experiencing a bug. 

To solve this problem:

  • First save any work you have in the editor to your clipboard or a different document.
  • Make sure you are using a supported browser with no modifications.
  • De-activate any plug-ins or extensions you are running in your browser.
  • Paste your work back into the Medium editor. 

 If the problem persists, please contact Medium support and we'll help you solve the problem.

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