Publication stats

  1. Go to your publication homepage.
  2. Click on your publication avatar in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click Stats.

Note: Publication management features are not supported on mobile apps.

Overview tab


There are three graphs in the Overview tab:

  • Minutes read: The total amount of time spent reading your publication.
  • Views: The total number of views your publication has received on all posts and pages.
  • Visitors: The average number of unique daily visitors who have visited your publication. Each visitor is counted once per day, even if they view multiple pages or the same page multiple times.

Stories tab

To see stats per-story, click the Stories tab. You can go back to the previous thirty days or click on the title of an individual story to see that story's traffic for the last thirty days.

Views vs. reads

Views are the number of visitors who clicked on a story's page, while Reads tells you how many viewers have read the entire story (an estimate).


Clicking on "Referrers" under each post title opens another screen with information breaking about traffic sources for that post.

Common questions

Is Google Analytics available on Medium?

Medium currently does not support Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics tool.

Can I export my stats?
At this time, your publication stats page doesn't support an export option.
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