Using embeds

Medium editor supports embedding content from third-party services, such as Twitter, Github gists, and more.

Desktop & iOS


  1. While editing your story, go to a new line and paste the URL of the content you want to embed.
    For example, to embed a Tweet, paste in the direct URL of that Tweet. Your link needs to start with "https://" or "http://".
  2. Press Enter to convert that link into an embed. Your embed will become interactive once you publish your story.

If the service you're embedding content from is supported on Medium, the link will change into an embed. If the service is not supported, the editor will convert the link into a preview card instead.

Embedding with the embed code is not supported. To embed content on Medium, all you need is the URL.

Supported embed providers

Embeds on Medium are handled through, a dedicated embedding service. Embedly keeps a list of currently over 300 supported embed providers, which have been directly integrated with the Embedly service. Content from those services can be embedded on Medium.

Frequently asked questions

What are some popular embeds on Medium?

Here are a selection of useful and popular third-party embeds on Medium.

Can I embed Instagram content?
At this time, embedding from Instagram is not supported.
Can I run my own code on Medium?

Medium does not allow users to insert and run scripts into the site for security and privacy reasons.

You can however embed example code blocks or snippets on your posts for discussion purposes. For embedding with syntax highlighting, try Github Gists,, or JSfiddle.

How can I become an embed provider?

Embedly adds new supported providers on a regular basis. There is no cost to becoming a supported provider on Embedly—and if you do, your embedded content should also work on Medium.

Please see Embedly's new provider page for more information, and to get in contact with technical staff who can help you get your embeds to work on sites supported by Embedly, such as Medium.

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