Using RSS feeds of profiles and publications

Medium provides RSS feeds for user profiles, publications, and topic pages. Using an RSS feed URL, you can:

  • Add a feed of your favorite author, publication, or topic you like to read about to your RSS feed reader
  • Integrate the feed of your own profile or publication on Medium with your own website to show your latest stories

**Please note: Stories behind the Medium paywall are not available as full stories in any RSS feeds**

Supported RSS feeds

To access a user's feed, add /feed/ before their username, for example:
Medium publications
For a Medium publication's RSS feed, add /feed/ before the publication's name, like so:
Medium publications with custom domains
For a publication on a custom domain, add /feed/ to the end of the URL:
Tagged pages in publications
For a feed from a Medium publication's tagged page, add /feed/ before the publication's name, like so:
Topic pages
To grab a feed of a specific topic page on Medium, add /feed/ right after
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