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Medium Logos & Brand Guidelines

These few simple rules will help you use our branding elements to communicate the Medium brand most effectively. Download all assets


The standard version of our logo, which should be used in most instances, is rendered in four tints of green, progressing from dark to light, left to right. The green hues should never be altered or approximated. The grayscale version of our logo should be used less often than the standard green version, in smaller or more discrete contexts. The one-color version of our logo should only be used at small scale (i.e., less than ~50px.), and it should only appear as a single solid color.


Our wordmark should be used in instances where our brand requires name recognition, not just the visual recognition of our logo. It should only be rendered in black or white.


The logotype describes how the logo and the wordmark should properly align with each other. The lockup should only be used with the grey logo and black wordmark, or the white version for darker backgrounds.


The logo should always be surrounded by generous white space. The white space is defined by the width of the leftmost stroke in the M, as represented by “x” in the diagrams below.


The “Medium green” is represented as #00AB6C, which matches the leftmost color panel in our standard green logo. Note: This is not the same green that is used in our product. This green is only for Medium branding. The Medium green should only be rendered as a solid color, and should not be lightened, darkened, or tweaked in any way when representing the brand.


  • Use our old logo.
  • Alter the colors of the logo, or add additional colors.
  • Crop, stretch, modify, or change the orientation.
  • Use the logo in confusing or conceptual ways.
  • Spell Medium by adding “edium” to the right side of the logo.

In rare or very special instances, we will create a unique variation of our logo, which you might see out in the wild. Variations of this sort should never be created by anyone but Medium staff.

If you have any further questions about our brand elements, please drop us a line at

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