Getting started with author verification

Author verification launched on February 15th, 2023 and was announced with this blog post.

This guide will help you learn more about author verification and will walk you through the process of applying.


Desktop, iOS, and Android
  1. Apply for verification via this form, which will ask you for your published book information (ISBN, title, description, and publisher info.)
  2. We will review to verify your information and contact you in a few weeks.
  3. Once verified, your profile will include the official Medium author badge, and feature your book.

Common questions

Who can be verified on Medium?

At this time, we are only accepting applications for verification from all authors who have published books that include an ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

How is author verification different from verification on other platforms?
Verification on Medium means that the account has been confirmed to be the author of the book or books that are shown on their profile.
Can anyone get verified on Medium?
You do not need to pay the monthly subscription for Medium membership nor be enrolled in our Partner Program to earn money on your writing. You simply need to have an account on Medium, a profile with complete information, and that you’ve published a book, of course.
Does it cost money?
How do I know if I am verified?
When you are verified, a blue icon will appear next to your name on your profile, your story pages, and most other places where your name appears on Medium. You will also receive an email from us when your application has been processed, whether it has been approved or not.
How do I know if someone else is verified?
By the blue icon by their name, and the fact that they have a Books tab on their profile page.
Can a verified badge be automatically removed from an account?
We reserve the right to remove verification from an account if the account is found to not belong to the actual author of the book(s) listed, or if the account otherwise breaks our terms of service.
Can I request to remove my verified badge?
Yes, of course! You can request to have your verification removed by contacting us. Removing the badge will also remove the books from the profile page.
What should I do after I’m verified?
Write a Medium story! You can expand on the ideas in your book, share sections that were cut from the published version, or write on any topic you want. The more you write, the better your readers will get to know you and your work.
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