About claps

Clapping allows you to show your support for a Medium post.


To clap for a story or list, click the clap button on the post page. You can clap up to 50 times per post or list, and you can use it to show the author how much you liked the story or list.

When ranking stories, our system will evaluate claps users give out on an individual basis, assessing their applause for a particular post relative to the number of claps they typically give.

Clapping for a story or list will notify the author that you applauded.

Remove claps

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  1. Navigate to the post page.
  2. Click the  three-dot button at the bottom of the post.
  3. Click Undo applause.


To see who applauded how many times for your posts:

  1. Navigate to the post page.
  2. Click the number near the clap icon. 
  3. You'll see a list of applauders, and how many claps each one gave. 

Only a post's author can see how many claps individual users gave. Readers will see only a list of people who clapped.

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