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Custom Domain FAQ

How much does it cost to point my domain or subdomain at my Medium publication?

There's a one-time payment of $75, which covers setup, an SSL certificate, and ongoing support for domains.

Who processes and stores my credit card?

We work with to securely process credit card payments. Stripe processes billions of dollars in payments every year, and your information will be secure. Learn more about Stripe’s security policies here.

How will the charge appear on my credit card?

It will appear as “MEDIUM DOMAIN” for $75 on your credit card statement.

Why did I receive extra $1 charges on my credit card?

When you pay to set up your domain on Medium, Stripe makes a temporary authorization of $1 to verify the validity of the card. This authorization will be credited back to you.

How does the billing cycle work?

There's a one-time $75 setup fee.

How do I cancel linking my domain to my publication?

You can cancel your custom domain linkage at any time by submitting a ticket with our support team. Your custom domain will be unlinked from your Medium publication when you cancel and your Medium publication will revert to a URL. Please note that billing for custom domains is immediate; there are no refunds and there is no partial or pro-rated refunding.

Do I need to have a Medium account to connect a domain to a Medium publication?

Yes, connecting your domain to a Medium publication requires creating a Medium account and a Medium publication.

How do I dispute a charge?

If you believe you have been charged in error, please submit a ticket with our support team.

Can I change the domain or subdomain that is pointing to my Medium publication?

You can, but you'll need to pay the $75 one-time fee again for the new domain or subdomain. You'll also need to let us know that you want to change the domain, so we can disconnect the current domain and enable you to go through the setup flow. Submit a ticket if you want to change your domain.  

What does the setup process look like?

This article explains the setup process.

Can I use URL routes like

No. We don't support routes like that. You can use subdomains such as or apex domains like

Does the $75 fee include the price of acquiring a domain name?

No. Your payment covers setup, an SSL certificate, and ongoing support for your domain. You’re responsible for registering and maintaining your own domain name. Medium enables you to link that domain name to our service. Once you have a Medium publication and a domain name (or subdomain) set up, follow the instructions for Getting started with a custom domain.

Can I use an SSL certificate that I've acquired on my own?

No. We must acquire the SSL certificate on your behalf. The CNAME we send you allows us to do this. 

What top level domains are not supported?

This article lists the unsupported top level domains.

What if I already have a custom domain on Medium?

If you already have a custom domain on Medium, this fee has been waived.  

What level of control do I have over my custom domain?

You own your domain as well as your original content. Here’s an article that explains more about what you can do with your custom domain.

How can I make sure I’ve set up the DNS records you sent me correctly?

You can confirm your DNS records setup by following the steps on this page.

Can I run advertising on my custom domain?

You cannot run advertising scripts on Medium. However, you can run promotional content on Medium so long as you adhere to our Terms of Service and Rules.

Can I use Google Analytics with my domain on Medium?

Yes you can. For more information about using Google Analytics, you can read this article.

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