Image formatting feature deprecation

As of January 2022, Medium no longer supports formatting options for images in the Medium editor.

All images in stories are now displayed in a single image size. Other features, such as the alt text, captions, grids, and image links, remain unaffected.

Medium has recently redesigned parts of its website in order to deliver a more browsable, consistent, and faster experience to all users. To that end, we have removed certain design elements on the published story page, along with the ability to format and resize imagery in the story editor.

We know image sizing matters to many writers. So, why did we remove this feature? Simply put: We removed image sizing to accommodate a new right-hand column that provides readers with relevant context on the story they’re reading, along with related reads across Medium. Our data shows this new right-hand column benefits writers by presenting their stories to more readers across the network.

It’s a step toward a new, more interconnected Medium.These changes are a work in progress, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. To learn more, read the official announcement and leave a response with your thoughts. The team will be reading all of them.

Learn more about images on Medium.

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