About referred memberships

 Deprecation notice

Please note that the Membership Referral Program has been deprecated.

The following information applies to writers enrolled in the Medium Partner Program with active referrals. All member referrals created until September 1st, 2023 will continue to be honored indefinitely.

The custom referral pages will remain available so that they don’t break any links in your published stories stories, but we will stop generating new referrals for members who sign up after September 1st, 2023.

Referral earnings are recurring as long as the reader’s membership plan remains active, and will be in addition to Partner Program earnings.

Here is the current Referred Membership earnings calculation as of July 2023.

  Annual Monthly
Membership price $50.00 $5.00
Payment processing percentage fee (2.9%) $1.45 $0.15
Payment processing flat fee ($0.30) $0.30 $0.30
Net of payment fees $48.25 $4.55
Split (50%) $24.12 $2.27
Per month for 1 referred member $2.01 $2.27
Per month for 100 referred members $201.00 $227.00

There are two ways you can earn via referrals.

First, every Partner Program writer has a personalized referral landing page where readers can become a paying member for unlimited access to your writing, plus the rest of Medium. Each reader who converts through your page will count as a referred member for you, meaning you'll receive half of their membership fee as long as they are a paying member. You can promote this page however you’d like: Share it on social platforms, link to it on post pages, or include it on your profile. Directing readers to this page is completely optional. Please keep in mind that wherever you drop your referral link or ask people to subscribe to support you, the surrounding language (or a note before the link) needs to disclose that if the reader uses your link to sign-up, then you’ll receive a portion of their membership fees. The Federal Trade Commission requires this disclosure. Here is a helpful FTC FAQ.

Common questions

Why is the Referral Membership program sunsetting?

We’re ending the referral bonus program and replacing it (in spirit) with a new follower bonus, more here. The primary reason for this change is simple: it didn’t work the way we’d anticipated (as a way of drawing new readers to Medium), and it made writing and reading on Medium harder, not easier. At the end of the day, very few people actually became members through these links. So we are repurposing the budget used for referrals to incentivize authors to write for their followers.

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