Cover image submission guidelines

A cover image is a new image asset that we're requiring in order to be featured on a new version of our app homepage.

Think about this like your publication’s album cover or like a digital bookcover. It’s not going to tell the entire story of your publication, but it should give more of a sense about what your publication is about than a simple logo or avatar might.

Image file requirements for your cover

  • Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px
  • 4MB max file size
  • A .JPEG or .PNG file

Design requirements

  • Include your publication's full name or logo
  • Ensure important information fits within and fills safe area of 2400 x 2400 px
  • Extend background fills or images to the edge of the area
  • Do not create artificial bounding shapes for your cover
  • Ensure any text included is large enough to be readable at small sizes
  • Do not include the Medium logo in your cover image

Design recommendations

  • We recommend against using white as your background color
  • Cover images allow space for some additional context, but be mindful of adding too much
  • Keep the emphasis on your publication logo or name
  • Keep it clear. Add context and information, but don’t add complexity
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