Medium Editorial Group Standards Policy

The Medium Editorial Group retains independent control over the subject matter and content published to Medium under all our brands: Marker, Elemental, Forge, GEN, ZORA, OneZero, Level, Human Parts and The Bold Italic. 

Factual information

The work of the Medium Editorial Group applies a high standard of accuracy and quality to the work it publishes, which may include fact-checking and copy-editing.

Sources for our stories will typically be clearly identified and cited as such, except in cases where their being named could risk harm. In such cases, stories will include an explanation that the source has been granted anonymity and why.

Disclosures and conflicts of interest

Staff, contributing, and freelance writers and editors working for the Medium Editorial Group must disclose any personal or financial relationships they may have with a source, individual, investment, or company that could pose a conflict of interest when a story is assigned to them. That relationship will either be publicly disclosed in the story, or the reporter or editor will be recused from participating in the reporting and editing process for that story. 

Non-public financial information

In the course of reporting, Medium Editorial Group staff may become aware of non-public financial information, but they may not act on this information or shape our coverage for their personal gain, or for the gain of their friends or family. Expert contributors who are investors, founders, or officers of companies they are writing about must disclose those ties in the text of the article being published.


Medium defines plagiarism as any act of taking the words and/or ideas of others and presenting them as original or without proper acknowledgement or permission. This includes directly copying ideas and text (whether entire articles, paragraphs, or sentences), as well as paraphrasing and slight re-writes (often known as "mosaic plagiarism"), and failure to cite sources.

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