Trouble enrolling in the Medium Partner Program from India and Brazil

Currently, joining the Partner Program is only possible if you're based in one of the countries on our supported country list. Users based in other countries will not be able to join the Program.

To join the Medium Partner Program and start earning revenue based on member engagement, Medium requires you to create a Stripe account and link your bank account or debit card. You can learn more about joining the Partner Program here.

At this time, Stripe is the only payment processor for the Medium Partner Program. However, Stripe is still in the "preview" mode in India and Brazil. 

What this means is that while Medium users can sign up for this preview mode while residing in India, it is still outside of Medium's payout region. As such, please note that Medium is still unable to pay any revenue to users from India or Brazil. 

While Stripe may include other countries on the list at their website, or send you an email telling you Stripe has launched in your country or your account has been verified, we are still unable to support countries not in the above list at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working on introducing more payment options to the Medium Partner Program in the future.

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