Trouble with changing Stripe account associated with my Medium account

If you would like to change the Stripe account associated with your Medium account to another Stripe account, you would need to disconnect your current Stripe account from Medium and the re-enroll to the Program with your new Stripe account.

Medium Support can disconnect the relationship between your Medium account and your existing Stripe account.

Once your account is disconnected, you can connect your desired Stripe account to your Medium account:

  • Log in to your Medium account
  • Log in to the Stripe account you wish to connect to your Medium account
  • Navigate to your Partner dashboard at
  • Click "Open Stripe dashboard"

We suggest you make this connection at your earliest convenience to avoid any disruptions in payment. All your earnings earned while your posts while the Stripe account is disconnected will NOT be lost or affect any payments.

If you would like to proceed, please fill out the support form.

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