Updates to story pages

We are in the process of releasing new versions of all Medium story pages that have been rebuilt in a more modern technology stack. This new technology will allow us to move more quickly going forward and release more and better features for users. As part of this migration, we rebuilt the vast majority of features that users know and love. However, due to engineering constraints, a few lesser-used features have not yet been built on the new story pages. These features are listed below. We plan to add these features back to the new post pages by August 15, 2019.

  • Twitter textshots: The ability to highlight a piece of text and share that highlight via Twitter.
  • Image zoom: The ability to zoom in and out of an image on a story.
  • User popovers: Small cards with information about the user that appear when you hover over a user’s name (for example, in the author byline).

In addition, responses to a story are now viewable on a separate page, rather than on the story page itself. This is an interim solution - stay tuned for a new version of responses in the coming months.

If you notice any issues on the story page, please let us know here.

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