Contributing to Medium's In-House Publications

Members of the Content and Curation teams at Medium are always on the lookout for stories right for Medium’s publications. When we find a good fit, we'll reach out directly. The best way to contribute then? Publish your story directly on Medium, adding relevant tags, and if it’s a fit for us, trust that we’ll find it. For more on how self-publishing works, head here.

If you haven’t already, join the Medium Partner Program. Once a month you will receive a newsletter with information valuable to writers, including submission opportunities. To find helpful tips, writing prompts, and advice, check out Creators Hub. And for information on how we assess content quality, take a look at our Distribution Standards.


LEVEL aims to fundamentally change what you think of when you hear the phrase “men’s magazine,” and to do so through and for the worldview of Black and Brown men. Our readers are intellectually curious, creatively and personally driven, and emotionally mature—they know that growth begins at 30, and evolution comes from hard conversations. Culture, sex, identity, fatherhood, career, race, friendship: It’s all fair game when you’re trying to LEVEL up.


ZORA is for, by and about women of color. The ZORA woman represents a variety of backgrounds, interests, experiences, languages and attitudes. Our content is informative and inspiring, and it speaks directly to the ZORA woman, in no other voice but her own. If you have a story that reflects your experiences, your thoughts, your culture or your life as a woman of color that you want to share, please tag your published post with “ZORA.”


Marker helps readers make better decisions by giving them accurate, thoughtful, and actionable information, written by, for, and about people who create and destroy value across the global economy.


Index is a publication about work, digging into the most pressing issues surrounding the modern career: identity, representation, support in the workplace, the office, the future of work, leadership, management, work culture, entrepreneurship, work-life tension, and navigating an ever-shifting economic landscape. It’s run by the Marker editorial team, which publishes stories at the intersection of business, economics, and culture. The best way for you to help us find your story is to publish it on your own profile, and tag it with “Work”, in addition to any other relevant tags.


Elemental is Medium’s home for science-backed health and wellness coverage on the many ways to live a healthy life. Elemental publishes reported pieces, expert insights and explainers, and science-backed personal essays.


GEN is focused on politics, power, and culture through stories that will help you understand the powerful forces reshaping our world.


OneZero covers our accelerating march into the future, tells you what’s coming next from Silicon Valley, and provides a guide to how technology will change how we live, work and govern ourselves.


Debugger is your spot for reading and learning about consumer technology — including helpful stories about data privacy and digital wellness. We publish smart writing on consumer tech that helps you understand how gadgets, apps, websites, and anything else that we call "tech" is shaping our lives, for better or worse.


Forge is here to examine and illuminate our constant struggle to get more done, invest in creativity and focus, and be happy doing it. We provide a toolbox of research and expert-backed strategies to be more productive, inspired, and whole.

Human Parts

Human Parts is Medium’s home for personal stories and perspectives. From the mundane to the extraordinary to the downright weird, we’re here to explore what it means to be human. Read the submission guidelines here.

The Bold Italic

The Bold Italic is an online magazine that celebrates the character and free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco and the Bay Area.


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