About the free reading promotion from Medium's Daily Digest email

This article covers frequently asked questions about a free reading promotion available to a group of new users, by invitation only.

What do I get with this promotion?

If you’re in the promotion, you can read unlimited member-only stories from the Digest for 30 days. Normally, we have a metered paywall for all member-only stories—but you won’t encounter that paywall on any stories you access from the Digest during this promotion.

Do I need to take any action to activate the promotion?

No. If you receive the promotion, you are automatically enrolled in the 30 free days. There is no credit card required to activate the promotion, and you won’t be charged after the 30 days ends.

Can I read unlimited member-only stories from medium.com or from the apps for free as part of this promotion?

No. This promotion applies only to stories that you access from the Digest. Member-only stories that you read when you navigate directly to medium.com or on our mobile apps are subject to the usual monthly meter limit. Read more about the metered paywall here.

How can I tell how much time I have left in the promotion?

Each day of the promotion, your Digest will have a banner at the top notifying you of the number of days you have left in the promotion.

How can I continue to read unlimited stories after the promotion ends?

Become a Medium member for $5/month or $50 a year!

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