Stories that are part of the metered paywall

Once you’ve published a story, you may see a message like this at the top of your published post. The exact message will depend on whether you are in the Partner Program or not:

This article addresses frequently asked questions about stories that are eligible to be part of the paywall.

Why is my story part of the metered paywall?

Stories become eligible to be part of the metered paywall if the writer selects that option in each story’s distribution setting. Medium will never meter a story without the writer’s permission.

During the publish flow, you have the opportunity to check the box to be eligible for curation review and distribution across Medium. Checking this box means that your story is also eligible to be part of Medium’s metered paywall, and can earn money if you are in the Medium Partner Program.

Apart from the checkbox, there are other ways for writers to tell us that they want to make their stories part of the paywall: 1) stories published through the Partner Program prior to the introduction of the checkbox, and 2) stories commissioned by our Editorial team.

What are the benefits of being part of the paywall?

Stories that are part of the paywall are also eligible for distribution to Medium readers through topics, which power recommendations on Medium on our home page, on our topic pages, in our Daily Digest and in our apps. Stories can earn money, for writers who are part of the Medium Partner Program.

Stories that are not eligible to be part of the paywall will only be distributed to your followers, and are not eligible to earn money.

If my story is eligible to be part of the paywall, will Medium always show a paywall?

No. For all posts that are eligible to be metered, Medium will choose whether or not to meter a particular reader when they view that post based on a number of factors. So, some users may not see the paywall on your story even if it is eligible for the paywall.

How can I share my story without the paywall?

Use a Friend Link, which is a special link to a story that allows a reader to bypass Medium’s metered paywall. We make this link available to writers so that they can share a “meter-free” version of their story with their friends and followers on social media. To find the Friend Link, open the story that you would like to share, click the  three-dot button at the top of the page, click “Share with friends,” and copy the special URL link.

How can I remove my story from the metered paywall?

To remove your story from the paywall, follow these instructions. Because your post will no longer be a part of our metered paywall, it will also no longer be recommended to readers, except those who follow you.

Will I earn money if my story is part of the paywall?

Writers who are enrolled in the Medium Partner Program are eligible to earn money for any stories that are part of the metered paywall.

Writers are not required to join the Partner Program in order to send stories to the curators for review or in order to be distributed in topics.

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