Topic pages

Topic pages let you view stories on a particular topic on a single page. Topics tell us what you care most about and helps us match the right stories to you at the right time. You can also follow topics to receive stories from them directly to your feed.

Navigating to a topic page

You can view a topic page in several ways:

  • By choosing a featured topic from the top bar on your homepage:

  • By clicking on the topic name from your feed:

You can also click More from the top bar of the homepage to see the list of all topics on Medium, or go directly here.

Featured stories

Stories featured in a particular topic are listed at the very top of the topic page.


Featured writers

Our writers make Medium the diverse, quality platform it is. The Featured writers section highlights writers designated by our editorial team who publish great work in that topic. If you find an author you like reading from, you can follow them right from the topic page.



When you navigate to a topic page, the latest and the best stories are laid out in a simple, reverse chronologically ordered feed.


Need to follow more topics? Check out this article to learn how to customize your homepage to better match your interests.

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