Your Partner Program Dashboard

If you are currently or have previously been part of the Partner Program, you can review your story earnings, payout history, and payout settings any time in the Partner Program dashboard.

Viewing your dashboard

  1. When logged in and on your homepage, click on   your profile picture.
  2. Click Partner Program from the menu.

Note: The Partner Program dashboard cannot be accessed on the mobile app.

Your dashboard

Your Partner Program dashboard shows you your earnings for your eligible stories that have accrued in a certain time period. The dashboard is also where you can review your Partner Program status, payout settings, and resources related to the Partner Program.

In the Overview tab of the dashboard, you are able to select the current or previous months you have been part of the Partner Program to review your earnings summary and story earnings. Your earnings summary displays a dynamic breakdown of your earnings for the month. Earnings are updated daily and can take up to 48 hours to be finalized. 

The earnings by story section show any stories that have accrued any earnings in the selected month. You will be able to click on the story title to review your story stats, click on “View story” to head over to the story link, and see how much the story has earned this month, and in the entire time it has been published and placed behind the paywall.

In the Payout history tab, you will be able to see any previous payouts that were sent to your connected Stripe account. This information is updated by the 10th of each month. Payouts may take 5-7 business days to appear in your bank account. Earnings are non-binding.

The Payout settings menu on the righthand side of the dashboard is where you will be able to add, review, or update the Stripe account connected to your Medium account and taxpayer information. 


You can learn more about payouts in Calculating earnings in the Partner Program and How stories earn in the Partner Program.

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