Partner Program & Publications FAQ

Recent updates to the Partner Program for writers and publications on Medium.

What has changed?

Starting July 5, 2018, writers can now choose to meter stories that are in publications on Medium, and earn money through the Medium Partner Program based on engagement from Medium members. “Metering” refers to making a story eligible to earn money behind Medium’s metered paywall.

Additionally, we are creating a path for more publishers to participate in the Partner Program — specifically for those high-quality publishers that produce and own their content.

Why are these changes happening?

The Partner Program, which we launched in October 2017, is designed to enable the creators/owners of content to make money from their work. However, the program had limitations in that writers could not add Partner Program stories to publications, and we did not have the infrastructure to support publishers joining the Partner Program at scale. In order for the program to reach its full potential, we are removing those limitations and simplifying the role of publications within the Partner Program.

I am a Partner Program writer. How do I meter my posts in publications?

In the Medium editor when writing your story, select that “Yes,” you would like to make your story eligible to earn money from the menu. This now works for both drafts and already published posts, whether or not they are in a publication. Separately, you can decide if you’d like to add your story to a publication — either way, you can meter the post.

As a writer, can I meter a story that is already published in a publication?

Yes, this applies to stories that are currently in publications. Go to that story and click “Edit.” Make it eligible to earn money and hit publish again.

Do publication owners or editors decide or have any input into what stories are metered?

The owner of the content decides whether stories are eligible to earn money. If a publication owns its content and is enrolled in the Partner Program, the publication owner/editor can decide. If the writer owns the content and is submitting or adding the story to a non-Partner Program publication, the writer decides.

However, there is still a benefit for publications that do not own their content: stories that are metered have a greater chance to be recommended to Medium readers, which will in turn increase the exposure of those stories and the publication.

Do publication owners/editors share in the revenue generated by Partner Program stories in the publication?

Writers are paid all of the Partner Program revenue for the story by default, unless the publication has been accepted into the Partner Program, in which case the publication receives all of the revenue. In that case, the publication should have an arrangement with the writers in the publication to either pay them or otherwise obtain the rights to the content.

How do publications earn money in this new program?

If you write stories in your publication, you can join the Partner Program as a writer and earn money on your stories.

If you’re a high-quality publisher that owns the content in the publication and you are interested in working with us, fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you. To join the Partner Program as a publication, you are required to certify that you own 100% of the content in your publication, and either pay the writer(s) directly or otherwise obtain the rights to the content.

If you are a single-author publication with no additional writers, there is no need for your publication to fill out this form. You can continue to publish your Partner Program posts into your publication, and the earnings will be reflected on your individual Partner dashboard.

How does my publication opt out of this program?

There is no way for publications to opt out of allowing writers to choose to meter their stories that you have accepted to your publication. However, you may remove any story (including those that are metered) from your publication at your discretion, as described below.

How do I remove stories from my publication?

You can remove stories that are metered like any other story. You can navigate to the story page itself, click the “...” in the lower right corner, and remove the story from the publication.

How can I tell if a draft is metered when it is submitted?

The story will be designated as metered or unmetered only when published.

Can publication owners/editors un-meter stories?

The content owner is the only person able to un-meter stories. Publication owners/editors can only un-meter stories if they own the content and are enrolled in the Partner Program.

Will I still see statistics on stories that are metered?

Yes, you will still see audience statistics for these stories in your publication’s stats dashboard, but you will not be able to view the writer’s earnings dashboard.

For more information, please see the Partner Program Terms of Service.

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