SEO tips for writers


Naming things can be hard, but is very important for search engine rankings. It applies first and foremost to publications themselves. Whether you chose a name that aims at being a brand or a name which explicitly describes the topic, make sure to use something that’s intelligible for search engines to index. 

In that regard, or will do much better than Ideally the publication slug will contain some of the most important keywords that the publication wants to rank on. 


When writing posts, if SEO is a goal, it is critical to think about the titles. The first rule should be that every story has a unique title. Using the same title over and over is not the right approach. The second rule is to use as few stop words as possible (a, the, of, for), as these are usually filtered out by search engines in a search query. It is best to use only very descriptive keywords. Ideally the title should be between 50 and 60 characters long. More info about the title tag in SEO can be found here.

Separate content and format

Amazing content is, as always, king. Yet, too often, great content is limited by its form.

For SEO, this means you need to use the right format for the right content block. If something in your story is a title, do not put it in bold, make it a title. If you’re quoting someone, use quotes, not just simple italics. If you mention another Medium user, use our @mention tool. Make sure you also use bold and italics to emphasize ideas or make strong points.

Medium uses semantic markup, and search engines love semantic markup because it helps them make sense of the content. 


Last, but not least… SEO is still about linking. Google tries to assess what  humans think about content to determine whether it’s valuable. The signals they use are numerous, but historically, the hyperlinks pointing to any web page have been key. Each link is considered a vote. The text label used in the link is an important signal to the search engine, combined with the trust-ability of the linking page.

Linking out to other sites and pages is where publications and authors can make a difference. If your organization has multiple online presences outside of Medium, all of these should link back to your content on Medium. And try to share links to your Medium content on 3rd party and social media sites.

Happy SEO-ing!

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