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Check CNAME and A Records

To check your CNAME record and A Records for your Medium custom domain, we recommend using this tool.

Check that your CNAME is set up correctly:

This screencast shows you how to check that your CNAME is set up correctly. 

  • We sent you a CNAME that has a “Domain” and a “Target.”
  • When yours is set up correctly, putting the “Domain” portion into the tool should return the “Target” portion” like this:


NOTE: We won't be able to acquire an SSL certificate for your domain until your CNAME is set up correctly. If you can't get it working, reply to our email and we'll help.

Check that your A Records are set up correctly:

  • Enter your domain or subdomain into the field and select "A".

Your A records returned should look like this: 


Be sure that you have only the 12 A Records that we sent you. Additional A Records may slow down the load time for your site. 


If you experience any problems, send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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