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Quick images

To add images to a Medium post:

  1. Copy/paste images from another website into the Medium editor. They will be automatically uploaded.
  2. Drag and drop images from your desktop into the Medium editor. Images will be placed at the location of your cursor. You can also drag and drop images to move them. 
  3. Upload images following the instructions below. 

Upload images

To upload an image, go to a new line and click the + icon > click 📷 icon. 

Select one or several images from your desktop to upload. Use the image toolbar to select an alignment of the image in your story.

Image Grids

To upload multiple images at once, select (or drag and drop) multiple images at the same time. Multiple images will appear in alphabetic order according to their files names.

Sample image grid:Image Links

To make an image in your story a clickable link, click on it, giving it a green border, and then type:

  • Ctrl + K / Cmd + K

Featured Image

To set a particular post image as featured, click on the image and press:

  • Shift + F (or)
  • Cmd + opt + 8 / Ctrl + alt + 8

Or select the desired image at time of publish from the featured image picker in the publish dialog. 

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