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Recent updates

This is an updated list of visible changes to Medium:

8/22/2017 - Partner Program expanded

Medium is excited to expand its Partner Program to enable writers to lock content for Members and monetize based on engagement. Read the FAQ.

8/16/2017 - Claps

Claps 👏 are an upgrade to and replacement for 💚 recommends on Medium. Read about the release here.

3/22/2017 - Membership

Medium membership is a subscription-based option for premium content. 

3/1/2017 - Series premiere

Series are a new way to create and read stories on Medium. Series allow you to split a narrative into cards or pages. Users can follow the Series for updates over time. Series can be created on web or iPhone, and are visible only on iPhone and Android at this time. 


2/1/2017 - Homepage promotions & feature pages for publications

You can now add a promotion block to your publication home page and link to a custom URL, like a store or member page. 

And feature pages are like a second customizable home page for your publication. Use them to show off a specific set of stories.

11/17/2016 - Section titles in publications, and Meta descriptions

Section titles in publication layout are now editable.

You can also now set custom meta descriptions on posts while in edit mode. Click ... > Customize title/subtitle > Custom > Description.

11/16/2016 - Publications have a new home in iOS/Android apps

Publications have been integrated into the home feed in the iOS and Android apps, and your bookmarks are now more accessible.

10/28/2016 - External links in publication nav and drag & drop re-ordering of images

You can now drag and drop images to move them in your drafts. Works for image grids too.

You can now link from your publication nav bar off to external sites.

Also, invite non-Medium users to become authors or editors for your publication by email.

10/17/2016 - Inline code & Shift + F for feature images

You can now do inline code on Medium typing a single backtick ` at the beginning and end of the text to be encoded. Or highlight text, and type `.

To set a featured image on Medium, click on the image and type Shift + F to set it as featured.

10/12/2016 - Markdown-style code blocks

Triple backtick ``` at the start of a new line now creates a code block in the editor. (You can also still use the code block keyboard shortcut.)

10/7/2016 - Response management tools update

On desktop, you can now manage responses to a post all in one place, as well as hide specific responses or block users.

8/5/2016 - iOS localization in Spanish and Portuguese

iOS app now supports Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. To use it, download the latest version and make sure to change your system language preferences.

Also updated titles and subtitle in iOS, and added pre-publish shares to connected Twitter and Facebook accounts.



8/4/2016 - Updated title and subtitle formatting

We've updated the way titles, subtitles, and headings are formatted in posts. Read more. 


8/4/2016 - M-size publication header background images

Publication homepage headers of M (medium) size can now take a background image with an 8:1 dimension ration. Upload the highest resolution version you can. Find out more




7/29/2016 - More customizations for push notifications in iOS

Introducing more granular control over notification settings in iOS. Read more.



7/28/2016 - Searchable featured stories list in publications on desktop

When you set a featured story in a publication section, you can now start typing the name of a piece to search for your stories.



7/27/2016 - Android app in Portuguese and Spanish

Android app now supports Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. To use it, download the latest version and make sure to change your system language preferences.



7/21/2016 - Responses split off from stories in Stats

On your stats page, you now have separate tabs for original stories versus responses to other people.


7/15/2016 - Pre-publish share to Facebook and Twitter

Before you publish a story, you can now have a link broadcast to your connected Twitter or Facebook account:

7/11/2016 - Full-size images in your .zip download of stories

We fixed a long standing bug where the zip download of your stories only contained a thumbnail of the images. 

Full-size images are now reinstated. The stories also now display the author and original publication date in addition to the exported date.

Publications page

Support for pages has been discontinued. Lists of publications edited by a user are now incorporated into the profile page (ie,



7/8/2016 - Edit updates

When a draft is edited in another tab, browser, or computer, an alert will now pop up and tell you! If you are editing yourself, it will alert you of the other tab. BUT THE REALLY COOL THING IS if it is an editor of the publication which the story is in, it will tell you who did it!



7/7/2016 - Embed Reddit in Medium:

Membeddits are now a thing. That's right, you can now embed Reddit posts and comments in Medium stories. It's time.


7/6/2016 - Automatically post to Twitter upon publish:

We saved you another click! Now you can automatically post to your connected Twitter account during the publish flow. 


7/6/2106 - Editors can begin a draft in a publication:

You know when you're an editor for a publication, and you write a post, and then you have to take that extra step of submitting the draft to publication? NO MORE.



7/1/2016 - Swipe to bookmark on iOS:

Save stories to your bookmarks list directly from your lockscreen! For push notifications from the iOS app only. 


6/28/2016 - Tabbed navigation on all Medium profiles:

Now your activity is easily discoverable in the Profile, Latest, Recommends, Highlights, and Responses sections. 

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