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Advertising Revenue

In the course of delivering several award-winning native campaigns with top-tier partners like BMW, GE, Intel, Marriott and Microsoft, we’ve seen that Medium readers crave quality, professionally-produced stories wherever they come from  –  including from brands. We’ve also seen that brands’ desire for meaningful engagement can be met by a system that incentivizes substance, yielding attractive advertising rates for publishers.

To serve these desires and support publishers’ revenue needs, Medium is launching Promoted Stories and enabling publishers to sell their own branded content.


Promoted Stories

Promoted Stories allow brands and other organizations to boost readership for their content. Medium will expand the audience for these stories by displaying promoted headlines within participating publications. We will earn revenue as people read stories – rather than by displaying impressions or driving clicks –which we will then share with publishers.

The initial placement of Promoted Stories will be in the footer of posts in participating publications, who will receive the majority of the associated revenue. As we develop this service we will likely offer additional placements.

Cost is determined by the amount of time that people spend reading this content (as opposed to measuring impressions or clicks), a metric that we will then share with those publications.


What factors influence publishers’ Promoted Stories revenue?

Medium shares Promoted Stories revenue with publishers based on total time reading, our primary on-platform measurement, as well as the depth and frequency of engagement with their content. To optimize this revenue share, publishers should produce content that is uniquely valuable and captivating to their audience. Publishers who prioritize clicking and sharing to increase audience size may see a reduced revenue share.


Medium strives for full transparency with readers as well as publishers. To that end, all Promoted Story placements are labeled as such and presented in a manner distinct from other story recommendations. We also work directly with brands to ensure the quality of content, and ensure the stories comply with our rules and terms of service.

Sponsorship and Sponsored Content

Publishers on Medium may independently sell and publish sponsorships and sponsored content, subject to Medium’s Terms of Service. We’ll provide interested publishers in our revenue program with guidance on rates, packaging and execution for these campaigns. Medium may in the future offer publishers the ability to increase exposure for their sponsored content through Promoted Stories.





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