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Upload WordPress archive


To migrate your WordPress blog to Medium, you will need to:

  1. Create a publication and be logged in as the owner. 
  2. Have a WordPress XML archive to migrate. 


Go to your publication's home page > click the publication icon > click Homepage and settings. 

From the publication settings page:

  1. Click advanced > click Migrate stories.
  2. Click Start migration process.
  3. Click Upload archive. Note that only WordPress XML files may be uploaded at this time.
  4. While your upload is processing, you'll see a green progress bar. You can close this window and come later. Medium will email you it's finished.


  1. Click to review, edit or delete any imported stories. 
  2. Click Publish stories.
  3. The stories will now be published over the course of several minutes, will retain their original publish dates and will not notify your followers.
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