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Common WordPress export problems

Having problems with your WordPress export? Try the following:

Blog archive is too large

You can split your archive by time and run the migration process multiple times. 

  1. On your WordPress export page, choose the “Posts” option. 
  2. Select one year at a time, so you have an exported XML for each year of your blog. 
  3. Run the migration process from start to finish for each of these yearly archives.

Failed to parse archive file error.

You’ll see this message if you’re attempting to upload an XML from a platform other than Wordpress. We’re adding other platforms on a rolling basis. 

No stories found error

This happens when there are no public posts in your export. Confirm that:

  • There are posts within the date range you've exported
  • Your posts are under the Wordpress status "publish" (and not, for instance, "draft")
  • Your content exists as Wordpress type "post"

If you're still receiving this or any other error, contact us.

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